“I thoroughly enjoyed it. The end is mysterious and baffling, but at the same time dramatically satisfying. Many powerful and beautiful scenes. The quest for what is real and human drives the narrative.” – Alex Austin

“The City and the Thinker are a great change of track. I love the Thinker, wonderfully cantankerous and belligerent yet open to the relationship between his new-found recruit and himself. It’s this relationship that sets the sudden revelation but also carries it on the story so well. I liked the pace, the meter of the language. It pulls you along at a good rate and that is important to the structure.” – Jonathan Catling

“The story resonates on many levels, cleverly exploring the concept of entropy, our part within it, and how we try to break the cycle of order to chaos and chaos to order. There’s lots of interesting imagery, much of which has stuck with me in the weeks after reading.” – Scott Vandervalk

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