Short Fiction

By Earthlight

In a time tomorrow
In a far-off place
Two hearts sit side by side
Hand in hand, by Earthlight

With passions rising from a synthetic touch
With bodies close, yet worlds apart
From lovers, promises, and stolen moments
From secret encounters out of sight

In this timeless lonely place
Forbidden to a naked embrace
Two hearts sit side by side
Hand in hand, by Earthlight

Alien Encounter

The autumn air turned cold
by an icy wind that tricks and plays
as I make my way
along the quiet country lane.
Day slips silently into night
and I hasten as darkness falls,
trees casting long thin shadows
that fade with the light.

Above me, the stars ignite one by one
until at last their splendid spell
is magically spun, and once again
the night-time stage is filled and cast.
Two moons not yet due
are away changing costumes,
patiently awaiting on their calling cues.

I wonder at this embellished awakening.

Suddenly, without summon,
controlled screams assail the mood
as alien machines hotly contest
the stage for servitude…
Hunters from another world.

One sweeps low across the sky,
props, and settles to ground nearby.
Its reckless beams scour the fields
while screams of polished metal sound.

Then an opening appears——
And from the imperiled place I’m held
I watch as two huge disk-like eyes
leer at me from within with wicked precision.
And nothing can quell the quiet riot
that swells up inside.


And I have nowhere to hide.


Ash and fire in foreign fields,
Another day unfurls,
A blazing sword Solar wields,
Against this alien world.

Once sweeping seas sleep dry,
While mountains quake in fear,
Calamity when worlds collide,
And judgment day draws near.

Need calls together the council of men,
For now their choice is plain,
Because today Satan walks in Eden,
And come the ‘morrow he’ll reign.

Sullen figures move in silent file,
Silhouettes against the Sun,
On passages bound for exile,
Them resigned, their exodus begun.

A million vapor trails left behind,
Their vertical plumes filling the sky,
A million ships of hope designed,
For a billion souls to say good-bye.

And now this cosmic clash is over,
But still a war goes on,
As another land torched by nova,
Is sent to oblivion.

Other Life

on a pale blue dot,
desperate to know,
are we alone here, or not.