What is Hard Science Fiction?

Entropy is a hard science fiction story.

Many people have never read hard sci-fi, and some might be (rightly?) confused about what hard sci-fi is all about.

The following article by Eddison Munroe gives an excellent overview of what to expect from hard sci-fi. https://rtbookreviews.com/best-hard-science-fiction-books

As a hardware/software engineer, and after reading a lot of hard sci-fi myself, it’s no surprise that Entropy covers many of the tropes mentioned in the article. Entropy:

“places great importance on scientific accuracy and consistent logic.”

“creates a plausible narrative based on current scientific understanding.”

“creates a sense of realism that draws readers in and encourages them to think critically about the implications of scientific progress.”

“creates complex and intricate societies and technologies that reflect the impact of scientific progress on human culture”

“can lead to thought-provoking stories that question our understanding of technology, the cosmos, and humanity’s role in the universe.”

“provides a unique and fascinating perspective on the possibilities of the future, grounded in scientific principles and exploring the implications of scientific progress on human society.”

“offers a compelling and thought-provoking exploration of humanity’s potential future, all while remaining rooted in sound scientific principles.”

It’s okay to be left thinking about life, the universe, and countless possibilities after reading a hard sci-fi story. That’s its job.

Author Interview With Scott Vandervalk

It was a pleasure chatting with Scott Vandervalk about Entropy as a featured guest on his blog. Scott did an early appraisal of the draft manuscript for Entropy. I was so impressed with his take on the story that I asked him to copyedit it. Scott is a member of IPEd (Institute of Professional Editors) and an associate editor for Aurealis magazine for the past 10 years. I would thoroughly recommend Scott’s editing services to other indie authors.

Featured Guest – Michael McGinty

Jim’s Sci-fi Blog Review

Please read Jim Arrowood’s review of Entropy on his book blog. It is a very insightful take on the mood and ideas I was after when writing Entropy. That he related the story perfectly to today’s society including recent events is very humbling.

“I see Entropy as a warning to societies telling us to take care of each other or we may face our own extinction.” – Jim Arrowood

Also, if you have time, Jim has a great review of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. This is my all-time favourite book, and inspired the wasteland setting in the second half of Entropy. And be sure to check out Jim’s amazing collection of TTM autographs.